COVID-19 Updates

Our team is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and have a plan for the Forum to go ahead in an online capacity, so make sure you check your email’s regularly for updates!

Faith and Culture is limited to 100 attendee’s

We plan for our Forum’s to proceed as usual, but with special precautions in place, and attendance will be limited to 100 attendee’s. As Faith & Culture is not considered a social gathering, but a paid, training event, staff and volunteer’s are not included in that 100 number. However, we will have strict controls on access in and out of venue’s and door sales may not be available.

Faith and Culture Auckland has been Rescheduled for November

We hope that there will be no further disruptions to Faith & Culture in November, however, we will still limit ticket sales to 100 in case we cannot accommodate more. If November is also cancelled due to COVID restrictions, full refunds will be offered, and we will be selling tickets for an online alternative at a discounted rate.