Frequently Asked Questions!

Thinking Matters have thought ahead about the possibility of future lockdowns. If this should eventuate Thinking Matters will work to move the Forums into the online space.  Running the Forums virtually will ensure you receive the same speakers, topics, and quality of presentations from the comfort of your own homes. There will still be opportunity to ask questions as we will still run a full Q & A session. The online forum tickets will be sold at a lower price and we will refund the difference to those that have already bought tickets. Your online ticket will also give you free access to the forum presentations after the event. Of course, full refunds will also be available.

Faith and Culture’s ticket price is rock-bottom, so unfortunately we are unable to offer further discounts for bulk ticket purchases

Faith and Culture is not a substitute to Confident Christianity (which unfortunately was cancelled due to COVID-19) but a new initiative to specifically focus on the most pressing cultural issues facing Christians today.

Some of the differences between these events include:

  • Faith and Culture focuses on a narrower set of topics, really relevant to this cultural moment.
  • Saturday only, no Friday Night meeting.
  • No lunch provided, though we’ve chosen venues in close proximity to local eateries.
  • We only have three speakers with no breakout sessions.
  • Tickets are half the price of CCC! Starting from $34 for early bird concession tickets, the Faith & Culture forum is very affordable for all!

Many of you requested a refund to your CCC2020 tickets – but those who chose not to will have your 2020 ticket transferred to our Confident Christianity Conference 2021.  You’ll start hearing about that early in the new year.

If you can, yes. The registration process involves you giving us your personal details which we will use to identify you on the day, and the ticket speeds this up significantly.  Simply come to the Welcome Desk on arrival and you will be issued with a conference program and an ID lanyard that will give you access to the conference.

Students/Youth: Include any youth 18 or under (regardless of whether they’re studying) and anyone over 18 enrolled in a tertiary or post-graduate program with their  student ID on the day of the conference. Sorry – no Student ID on the day means no discounted admission.
Pensioner: If you’re 65+ show your Gold Card or ID at the welcome desk on arrival.

Beneficiaries: please contact us to see if you qualify

One room – 6 sessions made up of five presentations and a Q&A session featuring all our speakers.

9 am – 4 pm – doors open at 8:30 am

Yes – but our program is always subject to changes due to circumstances outside of our control.

We will attempt (subject to technical issues) to film or audio-record the talks at one of the forums and make them available afterwards online to purchase. However, as this is arranged by volunteers so technical glitches can happen – so please don’t be upset if you find your favourite talk is unavailable for some reason.

No, unlike Confident Christianity Conference, we will not be catering this event – this does help keep the cost of tickets down, and each Forum is held in close proximity to a number of eateries.

Light morning and afternoon-tea refreshments will be served!

We know… We tried! We really did!

We are pleased that we have a growing number of women speakers joining us each year, and we make special effort to ensure they are included in our program. But, while our audiences are consistently 50/50 male/female, it’s unfortunate that the same isn’t true for our speaker pool. There just aren’t many female apologetics speakers available.

But if you have any recommendations for New Zealand female Christian apologists – please email us and let us know! We also have a speaker development program, so please contact us if you are interested in developing a speaking ministry of your own in this important field.

In the first instance we would suggest giving your ticket to someone else – they will just need to use your name to get the ticket from the registration desk on Saturday Morning. They will also need to meet the minimum class of ticket purchased, e.g. Pensioner, Student. A student, or pensioner can use an adult ticket.

Should you need to cancel a Forum event registration for any reason, a refund will be made less an administration charge of $10, provided notification is received 7 days prior to the conference start date. After that date no refunds will be made. Please make your request for a refund to